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Visit links below for monitor PM2.5 data. Two monitors now online.

NM-1 CCA Neighborhood Monitor T24951 – Hamilton Acres, Fairbanks, AK  Start Date: 12/21/2015, Lat, Long: 64.846884 -147.678081

CCA Hamilton Acres Neighb Monitor

NM-2 CCA Neighborhood Monitor T24954 Borough Admin Center, Fairbanks, AK  Start date: 2/25/2016 (was collocated with NM-1 from 2/9 to 2/25/2016)

Monitors operated by: Citizens for Clean Air
Equipment: Met One Neighborhood Monitor

Help Citizens for Clean Air move as fast to purchase and install monitors in hot zones, by supporting the CCA Monitoring Project – click button below:

Donate button image

To donate by mail, send check to:
CCA Monitoring Project
607 Old Steese Hwy Ste B PMB 118
Fairbanks, AK 99701-3163
Please note on your check “Monitoring Project.”

Citizens for Clean Air is raising money to purchase monitors to improve PM2.5 pollution monitoring and protect health and safety. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donors can give any amount. For more information, contact Patrice Lee: patricelee3294@gmail.com, 907-799-9580

Met One manufactures the BAM 1020, approved in 2008 as a Federal equivalent method by EPA. Thousands of BAM 1020 continuous PM2.5 monitors are in use, including at the US Embassy in Beijing and visible here: AQICN World. FNSB has five BAM 1020s online, see Real-Time Monitoring. The Met One Neighborhood Monitor is a new and inexpensive PM2.5 sensor that monitors PM2.5 at 15-minute increments and makes data available immediately on the “Cloud.”


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Prop 2 Sample Ballot 2014, page 2

Prop 2 Sample Ballot 2014, page 2

Oct. 7, 2014 is the FNSB municipal election. Registered voters will decide on Proposition 2 that prohibits the Borough from any regulation of heating appliances or fuels. Please vote “NO” to allow local government to take action to improve your air and health.

Proposition 2 “prohibits the borough from regulating in any way heating appliances or combustible fuels.” Assembly Factual Resolution, approved 8/14/2014

2014 Sample Ballot. The image links to the sample ballot posted by the Borough.

Citizens for Clean Air – No on Prop 2 submitted the following position statement opposing Prop 2:

Vote “NO” on Proposition 2

Proposition 2 prevents local government from taking action on the most significant issue facing our health and economy: Fairbank’s air pollution.

Vote “NO” to allow local government to take action to stop reckless pollution.

Our opponents want you to vote “yes” to tie the hands of local government. They want officials to do nothing to stop those who have injured neighbors and schoolchildren. They want government to sit on its hands while a few continue to burn irresponsibly. Our opponents are fiddling while Fairbanks burns.

Vote “NO” to take back the Borough’s ability to stop air pollution. Local air pollution has sickened many, forced families to move, lowered property values, reduced business investment, and, in all likelihood, contributed to the death of someone you know. People need to be able to heat their homes responsibly; however, tools are needed to stop thoughtless polluters promptly. This can’t be done from Juneau, or DC.

Claim: “We’ve always had ice fog in Fairbanks a few days each winter, it’s no big deal.”
Fact: It’s a big deal. It’s as serious as a heart attack. Exposure to fine particle or PM2.5 air pollution (the kind we have in Fairbanks and North Pole) “over a few hours to weeks can trigger (both) cardiovascular disease–related mortality, and nonfatal events.” Longer-term exposure can “reduce (someone’s) life expectancy…by several months to a few years.” (American Heart Association)

Claim: “Even if there’s a problem, rules and regulations won’t help.”
Fact: Some people just don’t care. Look at drunk drivers. We need a way to protect our homes and families. James Connor, former Borough air quality manager, stated, “Trash. Tires…. Railroad ties. Feces. Animal carcasses. You would not believe what they burn.”

Claim: ”If regulations are allowed, “they” will come to take your stove away.”
Fact: Essential burners, families who have only wood or coal for heating, are protected by Federal and State statutes. There are about 2,000 essential burners in the borough, and 13,000 non-essential wood burners. When air quality gets bad, people with oil burners could be asked to switch back.

Claim: “There is a problem but natural gas is the only cure.”
Fact: For most, natural gas is years away and the cost to hook up could fatally hamper this solution.

Claim: “The State and Federal Government can deal with it.”
Fact: Yes, Juneau, Missoula and Salt Lake City were all forced by the EPA to clean up their dirty, dangerous air. We can do it better, and quicker, without the heavy hand of the law.

Both sides of this issue agree that rising fuel costs make wood heat attractive. However, our air pollution will max out if inefficient stoves remain, or if people burn green wood, garbage, or plastics.

It’s a disgrace that Fairbanks is one of the top 10 most polluted cities in the US (#7 for Short-Term Particle Pollution–American Lung Association). This community values our kids, our elders, and our future! Vote “no” on Prop 2.

— Jeffrey Merkel, Mary Nordale, and Patrice Lee of Citizens for Clean Air-No on Prop 2
Submitted to the Borough Clerk Aug. 22, 2014

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TO: Catherine Cahill – APCC Chair <ffcfc@uaf.edu>
Lawrence K Duffy – APCC <fflkd@uaf.edu>
Gwen Holdmann – APCC <gwen.holdmann@alaska.edu>
Mark Sherman – APCC <mark@shermanengr.com>
Kathleen Hook – APCC <khook@doyonutilities.com>
Mayor Luke Hopkins <mayor@fnsb.us>
Glenn Miller – FNSB Transp Director <gmiller@co.fairbanks.ak.us>
Jim Conner – FNSB Air Quality Specialist <jconner@fnsb.us>

CC: Seth M Beausang – State of Alaska <seth.beausang@alaska.gov>
Commissioner Larry Hartig – DEC <larry.hartig@alaska.gov>
Alice Edwards – DEC Div of Air Quality <alice.edwards@alaska.gov>

FROM: Patrice Lee <patricelee3294@gmail.com>

SUBJECT: Request for removal of report by Michael Walleri from APCC agenda Tuesday, June 25

DATE: Monday, June 24, 2013

Dear Members of the APCC, Mayor Hopkins, Mr. Miller, and Dr. Conner:

We strongly request removal of the presentation by Michael Walleri from the June 25, 2013 Air Pollution Control Commission meeting agenda. Mr. Walleri is representing the defendants in the Woodriver case brought by the state of Alaska in January.

There is no interest served by Mr. Walleri’s report other than to influence the outcome of the upcoming trial and bias the jury pool demanded by his clients.

The purpose of the APCC is to control air pollution, not to serve as a platform for individuals established to have caused public nuisance air pollution. Judge Robert B. Downes already ruled in the February 4 preliminary injunction order “that the operation of the defendants’ outdoor wood boilers has proven to be a public nuisance.” [Link to order by Judge Downes.]

The defendants in the Woodriver case and their attorneys should feel welcome to speak during the Citizens Comments period, as is the right of any citizen. The APCC should responsibly and “fully investigate nuisances, health hazards and other harmful effects” that led up to the Woodriver case, but this report does not constitute an “investigation”. Giving special treatment and 15 minutes for this report is inappropriate and violates the powers and duties of the APCC per FNSB Chapter 2.48.120.

Following is the agenda item under New Business, Reports for the June 25 APCC meeting:

“Mike Walleri, attorney for defendant of State vs. Straughn, will update the APCC on current status of the litigation regarding the outdoor hydronic heaters in the Woodriver School area, 15 minutes presentation time.” From: http://www.co.fairbanks.ak.us/PublicNotices

We, the undersigned, respectfully request Mr. Walleri’s presentation be withdrawn from the June 25, 2013 APCC agenda.


Pam Miller, Executive Director, Alaska Community Action on Toxics

Delice Calcote, Executive Director, Alaska Inter-Tribal Council

Michele Herbert, Director, UAF Office of Sustainability, Cooperative Extension Service

Carrie Dershin, Citizens for Clean Air

Sylvia Schultz, Program Director, Clean Air Fairbanks

This letter is also submitted on the request of the following individuals who are residents of the Fairbanks North Star Borough:

Nancy Kuhn

Richard Clymer

Stephanie Clymer

Carl Benson

Patrice Lee

Krystal Francesco

Jean James

Michele Foley

Kayla Clark

Heidi Cambier

Nancy Viale

Don Pendergrast

Lynn Grover

Brandon Grover

Mackenzie D. Staiger

Tom Dolan

Leslie Dolan

P.J. Strawther

Joyce Potter

Nancy Rabener

Tom Stimpfle

Shalonda Riley

Putt Clark

Tami Seekins

Kimberly Good

Michael Riordan

Melissa Riordan

Patricia Seifert

Melissa Simpson

Glen Simpson

Robin Barker

Betty Flodin

Laura Palomino

David G. Hade

Martha Russell Hade

Kathleen Dubbs

Jacqueline D’Auria

Bethany Russell

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Please do not donate at this time. The Borough agreed to withdraw the Elbasan Acres development plan. Thank you for your support.

Stop the School in the Smoke
Donate to the Elbasan Acres Appeal Legal Defense Fund

Preview Image

Click the “Donate” button to make your secure donation online thru PayPal.

Or mail your check to:
Elbasan Acres Appeal Legal Defense Fund
c/o Alaska Community Action on Toxics
505 West Northern Lights Blvd, Suite 205
Anchorage, Alaska 99503-2553
(907)222-7714   info@akaction.org  http://www.akaction.org
TIN: 920177082

All donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Questions? Please contact Patrice Lee, Fund Coordinator <patricelee3294@gmail.com> 799-9580 cell

Alaska Community Action on Toxics has kindly agreed to collect donations for the appeal. Like ACAT on Facebook!  [ACAT Facebook Page]

Your donation is needed now to stop local government from building an elementary school and up to 200 homes in one of the worst air polluted areas in the nation. Children and teachers deserve a school with healthy air, not in a pollution pit. This project would also flood an already saturated real estate market, increasing the downward pressure on home values.

With your support, the Elbasan Acres citizens’ appeal, filed June 3 in Superior Court, will set a court precedent that local governments cannot disregard evidence of harm from air pollution. Donations are most urgently needed to transcribe public testimony and copy the evidence submitted on the record for Judge Michael MacDonald. With sufficient support, the appellants will hire an attorney to file the brief and motions and present oral argument.

The opposing side, the Fairbanks North Star Borough, has the ability to commit multiple staff attorneys and significant resources–funded by your property tax dollars. Only FNSB can answer why they are pressing ahead with this wrong-headed plan to put an elementary school and hundreds of homes in an area known to have life-threatening levels of air pollution.

On the side of public health and private property values, the public interest appellants have limited resources but are assisted by three volunteer attorneys and an energized community of air quality advocates standing up together.

Please donate as soon as possible. Any amount is deeply appreciated. Your donation is your voice to require the Borough to comply with its own rules and laws established to protect health, safety, and property values.

The Fairbanks North Star Borough is spending local tax dollars for a project called Elbasan Acres on Borough land near Brock, Repp, and Hollowell Roads in North Pole. Objections raised by local residents, parents, teachers, property owners, realtors, developers, doctors, and scientists have been disregarded. The purpose of the Elbasan Acres citizens’ appeal is to require local government to stop risking public health and property values and start following local code, state law, and the State Constitution. It’s time for local government to help solve Fairbanks and North Pole’s air pollution and economic downturn, not make it worse.

Three long-time local residents filed the appeal in Superior Court June 3:

  • Jeanne Olson, DVM <corvi@mosquitonet.com> owner, Raven Veterinary Clinic on Hollowell Road; testified against FNSB Platting Board approval; appealed the decision to the FNSB Planning Commission; presented evidence from nine experts and 422 petition signatures in opposition to the school and subdivision location.
  • David Lanning – professional engineer and developer; raised concerns about increased air pollution to the Platting Board; withdrew himself as a voting member of the Planning Commission to speak in favor of Dr. Olson’s Planning Commission appeal.
  • Patrice Lee <patricelee3294@gmail.com> raised concerns to the Platting Board and Planning Commission on how smoke pollution has harmed her family; retired teacher and current substitute teacher who has experienced first-hand the harm of smoke pollution to school staff and students; coordinator of the Elbasan Acres Appeal Legal Defense Fund.

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Here you’ve got one heck of a momma grizzly defending her child, her family, and the nearby Weller Elementary School. Apparently she, too, received the postcard mailing from the North Star Landowners, sponsors of Proposition A.

The following was submitted as a letter to the editor of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner 10/3/2010.

by Patrice Lee, Fairbanks

To the editor: 

The North Star Landowners and Tammie Wilson should not send anymore literature or information to 676 Hillcrest Dr. Do not waste the paper, the postage or the energy! 

The next person who fouls the air over my property may be the recipient of my lawsuit, and it is very likely you will be named as well, if you believe your right to pollute the air flowing over my property stands. Air flows like water. You can’t pollute the water upstream, fouling the water downstream. Air works the same way.

There are many programs available to stop or reduce the pollution while helping residents heat their homes until more affordable energy is available! I support these.

My child has suffered through four open heart surgeries, and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to damage my property with pollution that affects the health of my child or my family or any of the children at the nearby school. I have attended meetings and voted to support assistance to those who truly need it.

I love the advertisement about the guy with the 7,000 square foot house who has to use wood heat because of the high cost of oil. I responsibly bought a house that I could afford to heat at 1,800 square feet. Your love of excess, toys, guns whatever you buy that keeps you from being able to afford to heat your home doesn’t give you any right to pollute the air that we all have to breathe.

Where I live, inversions only happen once in a long while. We knew the day our neighbor started to burn. Our eyes and lungs burned while working in our yard and we had to keep our son inside. This ordinance isn’t about staying warm. It’s about you and your RIGHTS.

Why don’t I ever hear you or Tammie Wilson speak of RESPONSIBILITIES! With you loose on the borough we can expect filthy water, mini Superfund sites for campaign headquarters, filthy air, and loss of Federal funding for roads. As if that isn’t enough, you want to repeal the healthcare legislation so we can just suck up your pollution, get cancer and suffer the consequences. Great planning! Super compassion for you constituents! All this while touting your Judeo-Christian ethic!

No on A!!!!!!

Patrice Lee

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